What am I doing here?

We see that you only believe what you want. You will hear none of the truth. Surely, you’ve heard it all your life, have you not? So you have been telling me. So they’ve been telling all of us.

Then what is the difference between you and us? We are those who have chosen to be strong. To tell you that we do not believe. To tell your god that we do not fear him.

We are those you would believe bound for an eternal fate somehow worse than your own. Your kind are known to rejoice together in your belief that this is so. You welcome the day that the sinners are cast down and you are lifted up. You long for it. But you are weak. You would not be strong even if your kind were greater in number than that of the stars. Your spirit and your mind are feeble. But you choose this.

We choose to stand against your wicked gods and to speak the truth.

Let your mind be willing and with utmost dedication seek to understand the whole truth of it. This is noble and honorable. Lies are still lies, no matter how sincere, and fools are only so for their arrogant rejection of truth.


One Response to “What am I doing here?”

  1. Nester Periwinkle Says:

    Against the throne and monarchy of god
    Raised he impious war in heaven and battled proud, with vain attempt.
    Him, the almighty power hurled headlong and flaming from the ethereal sky, with hideous ruin and combustion, down to bottomless perdition: there to dwell in adamantine chains and penal fire, who durst defy the omnipotent to arms.

    -Milton, Paradise Lost-

    What a grievous peril, this majestic being now made to reside. He did it for you and I. Read your Bible you doubter. Really read it and know that without this great and awesome rebel angel there would be no free will.
    Read it in Genesis, how he was the right hand of god even before his son. Read how crushed he was that god created man without even consulting him, the right hand. Read and know that he, that bastard devil you so adamantly loathe gave you the freedoms you whore away.

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