There’s Something Wrong with the Bible

–Welcome to the Frequently Questioned Answers–

God/Yahweh, in his perfect wisdom, created mankind, and then later, he repented for it and wiped most of them out. Evidently, and despite his omniscience, he was unable to calculate the error of his ways until it was too late. So he to had crash it and start over.

Does God Repent?
It certainly appears so.

God planted fossils everywhere and fiddled with all the quantifiable elements of the Earth’s history so that we would discover all sorts of bogus evidence? Does anyone really think so? Or was it Satan? Maybe the devil created dinosaurs. Do ya think?

So the Lord rested on the seventh day after creating everything. Why? Seriously…was he tired? And why did he wait until the 4th day to create the Sun? How was there even “the morning and the evening” if there was no Sun? Wha..?

Why is there a Sabbath a commandment, and why is oh, I don’t know…rape not in that list?? How about forced slavery? And why isn’t “Loving Thy Neighbor” important enough to include in the “Commandments”?

The Flood. Forget about what science can prove if you like. How could anyone from that time have known whether the entire Earth was covered in water? Why would any of them have believed that?

Maybe I should write a story about little winged people who live in the rain.


Why is there no plan of salvation for the little rain-drop Fairies? Did God really intend for things to turn out the way they have? Has some devious mind been meddling in the Lord’s plans all along? Am I wrong to believe that there was a malfunction in God’s machinery? What did he do? Did he invent the error? And you trust this guy?


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